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We help our clients turn away from drugs and alcohol, take control of their lives, and make smart investments in their futures.



-- Paul Tick, LCSW

Clinical Director

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At Pearl Counseling Center, we care for people, not labels. We don't think of you or your loved one as an "addict." You have choices about how you live. We can help you make meaningful choices to take responsibility for creating a life worth living. 

Help for Drug & Alcohol Problems

We emphasize the importance of personal choice in thinking and behavior, and the ability of individuals to change. It is our belief that individuals need emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes in order to lead successful, happy and substance-free lifestyles.  

A Holistic Approach

DWI & DUI Evaluations

We offer DWI and DUI evaluations; treatment that meets our client's individualized needs, counseling for individuals, groups and families, and attorney and court ordered referrals within 48 hours.   

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